Intel RealSense D430 Depth Module Firmware

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DFU Tool Steps

- Install Windows 10 on PC with USB 3 port.
- Copy and paste DFU tool and corresponding D400 series firmware .bin files to Windows 10 host. Note what directory files are stored.
- Open to DFU Tool directory; and right click RS400DfuConsole.exe and choose, Run as administrator. You can also open a command line as admin and run the RS400DfuConsole.exe from there.
- Plug D400 series camera into Windows 10 Host system via USB 3 cable into USB 3 port. Command line window should appear with main menu of tool being displayed. Press 2 then [ENTER] to display a list of updateable cameras.
- Notice a list is produced in command line window; press 1 [ENTER] to select D400 series camera and begin firmware update process.
- Prompt asks user to input file path of firmware .bin file. Type the full file path with firmware filename included and press [ENTER].
- Notice output of downloaded bytes transmitting, this process takes about 3 minutes until completion.
- When firmware upgrade is complete, the camera will reset. A windows icon saying Device is undergoing additional setup should pop up. The main menu will appear again.
- Verify the firmware version installed on camera by pressing, 3 and [ENTER].
- Notice the firmware version has changed on the connected Intel RealSense Camera.

About External Web Camera Updates:

Installing the web camera's drivers and utilities will help your system to properly recognize the device and to benefit from the features that this external unit brings (such as capturing and sending images or videos through a computer network).

In addition to that, updating the webcam's software could enhance the unit's overall performance, include workarounds for various issues, and add support for new features (still, take into account that some of the changes might not be very significant).

As a general rule, each manufacturer tries to make the installation steps as easy as possible so that the update can performed by most users without the need of additional support. As for the actual steps of the installation, all you have to do is simply expand the downloaded package (if necessary), run the setup, and follow the on-screen instructions.

So, if this release includes changes that you deem necessary, just click on the download button to get the package, and apply it. Don't forget to check with our website constantly so that you don't miss any of the future versions.

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