Sony Vaio VPCEG33FX/W Hitachi ODD Firmware KS06 for Windows 7 64-bit

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    Windows 7 64 bit

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This utility updates the Hitachi DVD-RAM GT30N Firmware to version KS06 to reduce the speed of rotation of the optical drive to improve audio CD playback.Important Notes- During the installation of this file, be sure that you are logged in as the Administrator or as a user with Administrative rights.
- To ensure that no other program interferes with the installation, save all work and close all other programs. The Taskbar should be clear of applications before proceeding.
- Print out these instructions for use as a reference during the installation process.
About ODD Firmware:Changing your optical disk drive (ODD) firmware version can bring numerous changes such as compatibility improvements for different disc types, or various fixes for certain problems encountered during the unit’s lifetime. However, a firmware update doesn’t always include significant enhancements, and in some cases might not improve yours at all.

When it comes to the installation method, since most manufacturers provide their own way for upgrading ODDs, it’s best that you carefully read and understand the update steps, regardless if you’re a power user or a regular one.

As for applying this software, before initiating the installation, it is recommended that you remove any disc from the optical drive, close all applications and processes that might interfere with the upgrade, and make sure that the system is connected to a stable power source (an update failure can seriously damage the ODD firmware).

So, if you intend to install this release, hit the download button to get the desired package and update the firmware. Otherwise, check with our website as often as possible, so that you don’t miss the release that can improve your optical drive. 

Virus report

Checking: version: virus-finding records: 6210227File size: 2.42 MBFile MD5: 725e711bc0c5fcf5434a5f8d96c57d9f packed by BINARYRES> packed by BINARYRES>> - archive WISE>>>
data001 - Ok
data002 - Ok
data003 - Ok
data004 - Ok
data005 - Ok
data006 - Ok
data007 - Ok
data008 - Ok
data009 - Ok
data010 - archive RTF>>>
data010 - Ok
data011 - archive RTF>>>
data011 - Ok
data012 - archive RTF>>>
data012 - Ok
data013 - archive RTF>>>
data013 - Ok
data014 - archive RTF>>>
data014 - Ok
data015 - archive RTF>>>
data015 - Ok
data016 - archive RTF>>>
data016 - Ok
data017 - archive RTF>>>
data017 - Ok
data018 - Ok
data019 - Ok
data020 - Ok
data021 - Ok
data022 - Ok
data023 - Ok
data024 - archive BINARYRES>>>>
data024/data001 - Ok
data024/data002 - archive CAB>>>>>
data024/data002/VAIO_KS06.exe - Ok
data024/data002 - Ok
data024 - Ok
data025 - Ok
data026 - Ok
data027 - Ok
data028 - Ok
>> - Ok

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